December 2011

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Terrifyingly Awesome.


I am currently at a loss for words.  Time is flying by as fast as ever, and ever faster.  Kate is back to work and killing it!  I am excited to be blogging on here about our family a lot more often as things slow down for the winter.  All though, these last few engagement/family session blog posts are going to be killer!

I am not sure if I am the only one, but holy jolly pants batman!  These holidays are killing my relationship with the bathroom scale.  We are pretty much ready for Christmas around here.  Some last minute shopping as always, but I am sure you are right there with us.  We already had a few HolidayParties/FamilyChristmases and they have all been awesome.  I cannot even begin to relay to you the perfection that is my daughter.  For instance, we were in the car for 8hrs (there and back) on a day trip up Maine for our annual family (on my dad’s side) Christmas party.  She was perfectly content the entire day, sleeping for most of it and quietly cooing for the rest.  She has been surrounded by more large groups of poking, prodding, pinching adults/children in these past few weeks than even the happiest of holiday cheermeisters could stand up to without becoming irritable.  And she has taken it all in stride, with a seemingly effortless patience.  Who she gets it from I will never know.

In other news, at the risk of jinxing it, I think she is over the projectile vomiting stage of the game.  Kate and I have not been as hesitant to take her out from fear of covering half the world with her stomach contents.  In fact there is really nothing to complain about currently, other than this spare tire I am slowly developing via the ghost of Christmas Overeating.

One thing I am really excited about is that the three of us have settled into a pretty consistent morning rhythm, and since I know you are curious, I shall divulge/indulge.

5pr46u3 Morning Routine Timeline:

12-3:44am – The 5pr46u3 family slumbers.  Sometimes Darth Dader can be seen slaying nOObs MW3style way to early in the morning…
am       – Kate awakes to pump and get ready for work.
4:40am       – Kate puts Addison in bed with Darth Dader.
4:45am       – Kate goes to work.
4:46am       – After occasional early morning diaper changes Darth Dader and Addison fall back to sleep.
4:55am       – Kate arrives at work 5 minutes early.
6/7isham  – Addison wakes Dad up to eat breakfast.
7ish-10am- After eating Addison drifts in and out of short naps.  Darth Dader gets to work.
10isham     – Addison eats again.
10:04am    – Kate gets out of work.
10:21am     – Kate walks through the front door.
10:21am     – Kate/Addison smilefest 2011 starts.

The rest of the day is a mixture of working/cleaning/diapers/smiles/naps/MW3/movies/grey’s anatomy/family/friends/beer.

Remember when I said that I was at a loss for words?  I lied.


Thanks for looking,
the 5PR46U3s


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  • MumandDad

    December 19, 2011 at 11:03 am

    Cut out the last part and maybe you won’t have that round circle in the middle…..:)

    Pixs of addison are adorable…:)

  • Terri

    December 19, 2011 at 11:37 am

    She’s a downright adorable child… and I’m somewhat of a connoisseur of adorable offspring. Thank you for sharing her!

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