Vermont Weddings – the LOUD edition

If you were wondering how to party, please get in touch with this awesome group of people.  The wedding took place at the amazing Riverside Farm in Pittsfield Vermont.  First of hopefully many Vermont Weddings!


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September 2013

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See you in may!


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March 2013


The 5pr46u3s | us in az

We recently visited my aunt and uncle in Arizona.  It was awesome!  Aunt Holly, you must be a ninja because I have no photos of you!



If you couldn’t figure out the squirrel picture, look again, there is an actual squirrel sitting on the wall.

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February 2013


The 5pr46u3s | 1 year part I

It is so cliché to say, “time goes by way too fast!”  But there is a reason that it is cliche…  *oceans of tears*


Apparently as a baby addison was SUPER HAPPY!  And then as she got older she developed some… attitude.   <3 her.

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November 2012


5pr46u3s Travel | us in ie

Dear Internets,

Since this will undoubtedly be one of many trips across the sea, I figured I would start a travel section to my blog.  Unfortunately I didn’t even think about this until on my way home, so the quality of the content isn’t really up to my own standards… sorry… my bad… I was on vacation… GET OFF MY BACK!  First let me thank dave for taking many of the pictures you will see below, and also kate and sarah for taking some shots with my big clunky cannon.  I would also like to thank the random strangers for taking pictures of the four of us throughout our trip, some of you even made it onto the blog!

Anyways… so we went to Ireland, and it was amazing.  I learned some things while I was there.

Driving in Ireland is crazy, almost all of the roads are about half the width of our roads.  By itself that is a lot to deal with, but add driving on the opposite side of the road, shifting with your left hand, and insane country road speeds and things can get hairy very fast.  Everyone in the car is in a constant state of fear for their lives.  By the end of the trip it didn’t seem nearly as bad.  One thing to note, if you are renting a sweet car like a BMW or similar, you have to be 30.  So yeah, that sucked.  But our diesel Nissan treated us well.

Temple Bar, while fun and full of people, is basically Ireland’s version of a tourist trap, there is no one there that is from Ireland except for the workers.  Go there once, and never return.

Galway, is awesome.  Great town to stay in, and the farmland to the west of it is some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen.  Go here and explore for a while.

Pubs are everywhere.  The key is finding the pubs that are not designed specifically to cater to tourists.  If there is no good food/no food, lots of old men, chances are you are in the right spot.

Old Head - - I went to Ireland searching for something, I didn’t know what it was until we went here.  There is a path that goes to the right and the left of the street and each end is a breathtakingly spectacular view.  It is like standing at the edge of the world before it was discovered.  The wind whipping into your face and slightly tugging on you, as if it wanted pull you over the ledge down 300 feet into the stony ocean below.  Go to this spot, and live.  Just make sure you don’t die, I would feel bad.

Ok, so I decided to only post pictures with 1 or more of our group in them, I will put more on Facebook later.  Ladies and gentlemice I give you kate, sarah, dave, and myself…  in IREALND!


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October 2012


Josh and Sarah | Connecticut Wedding Photographer

rain… you need to try harder next time.

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