September 2011


week. 36.

I couldn’t pic favorites this week… so you get twice as many as normal!  YAY!  ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS!  ok… done with the caps thing.   my bad.

Ok so it is official.  I have ADD or something like it.  I know this because the doctor told me.  JK, I already knew.  Tomorrow I start medication so we will see how that goes.  Let me know if you notice a difference… good or bad.

Kate’s prenatal today was about our options as far as the breeched babyjedi.  Option 1: don’t do anything.  Option 2: scary aversion thing (joking, its actually called a “version”)  Anyways, basically if the baby doesn’t flip… naturally or unnaturally… Kate will be having a C-section.  Which is obviously the cool way to be born.  I know this because I was born via the cesarean section.  And that is how all of the celebs do it right?

In all seriousness. It is a really strange feeling knowing that after all of these classes and 9 months of preparing for the most intense day of our lives, we might be just picking a day to have this baby in under an hour.  Almost as if it were a casual thing.  Oh… the 4th?  sure that sounds like a good day to get this kid out of there.  Neither of us are very fond of the idea.  But in the end, if we have babyjedi in our arms then it wont matter.

A strange thought just occurred to me.  Some day babyjedi, you are going to grow up, and in growing up someday you will probably read all of these.  I know I would if I was you.  So first of all, I love you.  And second, it’s not your fault you haven’t flipped yet at this point.  I am sure you have your reasons.  And we love you regardless!  This is really weird talking to you in the future.  I hope that life is going good for you, and that I am still an awesome parent.  Either way, know that your mother and I love the crap out of you!  Always.

Ok… wow enough of that, I am about to choke up.  So yeah, we have some decisions to make here, but I am sure we will make the right ones!

And check out those pictures again, because I love them a lot.  They might be my favorite so far.  Such a beautiful girl and a beautifully simple sunset.


thanks for looking, twice :)

daniel. kate. babjedi.  <—  haha also find it funny that I am signing it in your nick name… im sure you will laugh at this with me when you are older kid.

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September 2011


week. 35. sort of…

sorry interwebs, this is really late.  I hope you will still accept it.

Hello everyone!  It has been too long.  Forgive me.  Everything is pretty good on the 5pr46u3 home front.  We have been super busy this week, with many awesome things.

BabyJedi is being stubborn and is still breech, so we are still working on trying to get them to flip over to avoid a schedule-C.  There are a million ways that the internet says works… and I am skeptical at best.  I am pretty sure that babyjedi will flip when/if they please.  And if not, then it probably wasn’t meant to be.   Haha, the little one doesn’t have much room in there, that is for sure!  We both knew there would be a bump in the pregnancy road at some point and we have definitely found it.  We can only count ourselves lucky that the road has been smooth until this point.

Kate’s back is also starting to bother her more and more each day, but we expected this and I have prepared my hands for some serious back rub time!  Other than that, its all quite here.  This week should be quite a bit quieter, and hopefully I will be able to blog a bunch of awesomeness this week.  Including the week 36 pictures!

Off to make some waffles with the fam!

Also, a big thanks to my brother John!  He helped me with a wedding yesterday since Kate was busy resting.  Needless to say he killed it.  Thanks bro!


thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. babyjedi.

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September 2011


week. 34.

This is by far my favorite week so far.  I love adventures with Kate.

So Babyjedi… you have been causing your mother a lot of pain recently.  Go easy on her ok?

This week we may have run into our first bump in the road.  We knew our luck would run out at some point :)  It seems as though the baby is still breech.  This is not a huge deal though, some babies wait until the last moment to flip.  Although if it is a “footling breech” than we might be in deeper water than we hoped for, i.e. C-section.  Next week we are going for an ultra-sound, which is sort of an awesome thing since we will be able to see Babyjedi again!  We are just hoping they will have flipped by then.  And any of you thinking about this, because I know some of you are, we still are not going to find out the sex!

Your mom and I really hope you are okay in there Babyjedi.  We love you an incomprehensible amount, and would love it if you would go all gymnastics on us and flip!  If that is not your thing that is ok too.  Whatever is best for you is good with us!

Other than that, everything has been awesome.  We almost have the nursery finished, and cannot wait to post pictures of that work of art!

I have been super busy with the business… which is awesome.  Anyways, see you all next time!

I love you, my unborn child.


thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. babyjedi.

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