Pregnant Fashion | Episode 3

She don’t need no stinking make-up!  #naturalbeauty

Shirt | Forever XXI

Leggings | Target

Flip Flops | Old Navy

Week | 32

Tip | 20% to your waitresses and waiters


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week. 31.

we be ballin with our backhoes.

I’ll be honest.  Money is the most stressful thing about life.  Any tips on how to not stress about it, would be helpful.   But seriously though, I can’t complain.  I have an awesome wife, and an awesome baby on the way.

This week we did the shoot at Tough Tymes, a new restaurant in Northwood NH that is being started by Kate’s Dad’s Girlfriend Michelle!  We can’t wait to frequent it,  maybe we will get to see more of Kate’s Dad this way :)  Just playing George!

Kate feels great.  She is still have the most uneventful pregnancy in all of history.  Malani just woke up from her cat nap to come out here and say hi to me, just thought you should know.  She is awesome.  Best. Cat. Ever.  Deal with it.

Anyways, I am just rambling…    /end ramble.


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Pregnant Fashion | Episode 2

Attack of the over-sized buttons!

Dress | Sister’s Friend

Flower Flip Flops | Target

Week | 30

Tip | Borrow Clothes


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daniel. kate. babyjedi.

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week. 30.

Last week we shot on a small walking bridge.  This week we decided to find a much bigger walking bridge.


Today is the day that baby showers reach their height of awesome in all the histories of the earth and its people.  And yes, I will be taking pictures for proof.   We did so much work and it is so crazy that it is all finally coming together and the day is here.  I can’t wait for 1:00 to finally get here so we can start hanging out with the best friends and family in the world.  So much love goes out to everyone that helped make this possible, we would have been lost without you.  And a special thanks to Sarah Elan Arel (and her husband David) who has planned out everything and is the one that has done most of the work/organizing behind the scenes.  We love you Elan!   Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!  Oh, and also sarah’s parents Joe and Beth for hosting the event and doing tons of crazy yard work!

So I don’t have much time to write.  Here is the short version.  My office is now moved, and we painted the Nursery, thanks to Dan Jurdak-Roy.  Pics to come.  We have been approved for financial aid through the hospital which is some of the best news we have gotten in a long long time!!!!  Kate is doing phenomenal, and so is Babyjedi.

Time to go get ready for the baby shower!


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Pregnant Fashion | Episode 1

Just because she is too cute to not document.

Hot Pink Shoes | JCPenney

Jeans | American Eagle

Top | Express

Week | 29

Tip | Unbutton jeans while sitting


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daniel. kate. babyjedi.

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week. 29.

Birthing class number 1 finished.   I may or may not be freaking out right now.


Ok, so this is really happening.  Kate really has a baby living inside of her.  It is weird because on one hand you feel insanely attached to this little person that you have never met.  And on the other hand it feels a bit strange to you that there is a living thing inside your wife’s stomach.  A bit alien-xfiles-esque.  I am in love with an alien baby.

Oh, and quickly I will now get into the reason I included the picture of the kids that were swimming in the river during our shoot.  The first time Kate and I hung out we went swimming in a river.  It was senior year of high school and we were just friends at this point.  We both had study hall at the end of the day and seniors were aloud to leave school during study halls.  So we decided to go swimming.  We jumped right into the river in our school clothes and had a good laugh.  Then we got back in my car and drove back to school to pick up our siblings, acting like it was no big deal that our clothes were completely soaked.  Seeing these kids reminded me how long ago that was.  And now we are going to have a kid of our own.  Life is amazing.

The birthing class went well, we got to tour the baby factory section of the hospital, which seems really really nice.  The lady giving us the tour works at a bunch of hospitals around and she said Wentworth Douglas was the “Cadillac” of the lot.

We have started to make decorations for the baby shower, and they are looking awesome.  Thanks to everyone that came over and helped!!!  Also, I now am quite aware of the fact that our apartment is not kid proof in any way shape or form.  Luckily, babyjedi will not be mobile for a while, so we will have time to prepare.

Another strange note… the more the reality of the situation sets in, the more surreal everything seems.  It is quite paradox I have found myself in.

If the baby is born in October, can I call Kate Octomom?  <evil grin>


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just a tease. | Pregnancy Time Lapse

I have been staring at this for the last 60 minutes….  its crazy.

The whole reason we started this project was so we could do some kind of timelapse video at the end.  The weekly blog was mostly an after thought.  But since then, I have not really thought too much about how the original idea was coming together.  And I must say I am pretty excited for how it has turned out so far.  The end product will be much more involved than this, but even this simple animation makes me smile.

Also, I mentioned this on facebook, but I figured I would bring it up here on the blog to make it official.  I am now featured on a website called  Basically what they are is a website that ranks hundreds of blogs by moms and dads.  The ranking is based on how many votes the site gets from its readers.  Lots of my friends have asked me what the point is, “do you win something?” is a common question.  I don’t win anything physical, but besides the ego boost of being highly rated, the higher my blog is on the list the more exposure it gets.   And the more exposure I get the better.  Who knows what it could lead to, and who knows whose eyes could end up seeing my work.

Anyways, that is the brief explanation.  If you want to vote, it takes two quick clicks, and you can only vote once per 24 hours.  There is a little badge that is at the bottom of the site that can be used to vote or you can simply click here. Unless you are one of my close friends, whom I will most likely pester endlessly, this is all I plan to mention about it on the blog, other than the link in my signature.

So thanks in advance for any votes, and thank you so much for all of the awesome feedback you guys have given Kate and I about this blogging adventure.  We love it and it makes us so happy that other people are enjoying it as well!  There is much more to come!


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