week. 28.

If fort Bob was a man he would have been dead for years now.  A foggy memory in the minds of those that loved him.

Many days and nights of my childhood were spent carefree in the hollows of this forest.  It was in this very spot years ago that our close knit group of family and friends, 4 young boys, laid out the plans for fort Bob.  Bob had many steps in his evolution through out the years.  He was home base.  He was a hide out.  He was the gracious host of our paintballing adventures.  He was our friend.  In the cold winters we could see the blue of the tarps gleaming through the eaves.  He would always endure the winter, waiting for the inevitable return of spring and the 4 architects who would restore his walls of plywood and polyethylene tarpaulin (otherwise known as blue tarps).  Bob was our summer sanctuary.  Countless hours were spent landscaping the forest grounds, and eventually fort Bobette came into existence a few acres away.  We were not inclined to waste our creative flows on the naming of our forts.  Slowly Bob and Bobette’s time came to an end, along with our childhood.  Jobs, girlfriends, life all started to keep us out of our forest, until the only few times we returned were to remember all that had happened.

Today there is only shadows left.  Bits of tarp strewn across the forest floor.  Larger sections cling to the trees like they are part of the foliage.  The skeletons of our two friends lay scattered about the leaves and nailed to the trees.  I can only hope that one day someone will breath life back into these forgotten places.  Maybe my children.  Maybe some one else children.  Maybe…


This week the reality of the situation is starting to sink in.  Birthing classes start next week.  There is no ignoring the elephant in the room anymore.  By elephant I mean my wife’s enormous belly!  Very soon it will no longer be just Kate and I navigating this life together.  A third will be joining us on this boat.  I am so excited but I am now realizing that I need to focus on enjoying these last two months to the fullest.  At the end of them, everything changes.  I thought everything changed the day that we found out.  Now I see how silly of a thought that was.  Nothing has changed yet.  But our idea of normalcy is about to blow apart. 

Babyjedi, be nice to us, we are going to be brand new to this whole parenting thing.  Love you!

Kate had three needles in her today.  Kate does not like needles, but she handled them all like a champ.  A seasoned pro even.  Her yoga has been going well.  Weddings have been amazing.  I am really starting to feel like the business is starting to get some legs of its own, which is a huge relief.  The doctors/midwives/nurses/nurseassistants are all starting to sound like a broken record.  “Everything is going perfect.”  We are cautiously waiting for this to change, but hoping it just keeps up.

Whatever happens happens.  One baby step at a time.  <– do you see what i did there?


Thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. babyjedi.

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week. 27.

Kate’s father and brother own an auto repair shop.  Kate’s car needed a few things.  Naturally we decided to do the babyjedi shoot there.  It was an adventure.  Oh and Kate’s brother’s kids were there.

Seriously though, my father/brother in law do some great work.  If you live in southern NH, and need anything vehicle related, check them out.

Okay, can we just talk for a moment about how huge Kate’s stomach is getting!?  The boys were not much of a help, they kept calling her fat.  I laughed heartily.  Boys are funny.  The baby moves almost all of the time now.  Sometimes I will hum on kate’s belly and I will get a kick right in the mouth.  HeartMelt.

Invitations have gone out for the most epic baby shower this world has ever seen.  The lovely Sarah Elan Arel is planning it with us and it is going to be incredible.  If you get invited you should probably be there.  Or else.

Any day now I am going to be losing my office… I know it is very sad.  But that also means we will be re-painting the future nursery and it is going to be sick!  Pictures to follow im sure.  Any advice on how to save space in a nursery?  Ours is 10ish’ x 6ish’ and that is not a lot of space!  */nerd warning*  I need to get some TimeLord tech for this room.  Anyone have The Doctors cell number?  */end nerd warning*  If you don’t get it, you should start watching Dr. Who.  It is fantastic!  And it is all on netflix.  Oh and don’t bother with the really old ones, just start at the ones that came out in the 2000’s.  anyways…

All is going well.  Money is getting tighter and tighter as the due date gets closer, but I am sure that is normal.  The key is not to worry.  Whatever happens is going to happen.  Just keep working hard.  Speaking of working hard it is once again time to get back to work.  Be back soon.


thanks for looking,


week. 26.

I am impatient.  I really can’t wait to meet you babyjedi!!!

Kate will now be pacing eternally on the interwebs.

This weeks events: Two Awesome Weddings/Best Friends Son’s Birthday/BBQ/July4th/My Birthday/My Birthday Party/My Future Sister in Laws Birthday.

New pregnancy stuff this week:  Kate started yoga yesterday, and she liked it a lot.  I feel like her belly is getting really big but she keeps saying, “you aint seen nothing yet!”  It was a really busy week!  This is the second blog I have posted today.  Hopefully they wont all be this busy!    I just love my job, but it is definitely not a low stress job.  It is a good thing Kate keeps me organized otherwise I would be doomed.

Another funny thing I have noticed is how much Kate and I miss Malani (our cat) when we are away from the house.   I am not sure if it is just because it is our first pet together, or what.  But that got me thinking about what it is going to be like leaving babyjedi places.  The funny part is that Kate and I have always told ourselves we were not going to be those parents that never left the house and always were with their kids.  I am starting to realize that is easier said than done.  I guess we are just going to have to wait and see, but I have a feeling I might be very clingy when it comes to the kid.  Maybe it is a good thing that the kid is living inside kate for now.  We never have to leave the little one anywhere and we can still leave the house without a care.  Optimism.

Anyways I have a TON of work to do :)  so many gorgeous wedding photos to edit, so I am going to get back to that.

I love you like whoa babyjedi!


Thanks for looking,

week. 25.

we camp together, alone.  nbd.

Hello everyone,

25 weeks… its so crazy.  It all goes by so fast.  I wish it would slow down, and at the same time I want it to go by fast so I can meet the little one as soon as possible.  I just need to remember to enjoy every second because you don’t get them back.  …. I …. I AM GOING TO BE A DAD!!!!?!?!??!?!!!  God help me!  I am going to be in charge of raising a human being.  Most of my family and friends are currently nervous about the last sentence I just wrote.

It is a crazy thing… life.  It goes by so fast.  Before I know it, my kid will be off to kindergarten/highschool/college/married/havingkidsoftheirown.  It is so hard for me and my simple brain to process all of these thoughts.  I always knew that I wanted children, and now I am going to have a child!  What will I be like as a father?  What will be my biggest failure in my child’s eyes?  Will my kid be taller than me?  I hope so!  But I’ll still kick their butt in all sports until I am 60!

Anyways, back to the present.  Kate and I had a wonderful time camping.  We just sat back and enjoyed some of the last few moments of quiet that we have together.  It was mostly uneventful, except when I locked our only car key inside of our car, along with our IDs/CreditCarts/CellPhones.  Other than that it was really quiet and peaceful.  I highly suggest Crawford Notch Campground to anyone looking for epicallyawesomescenery/hotshowers/rivers/cabins/tentsites/rvsites/andagoodtimeingeneral.

Kate is feeling and looking amazing!  Her back is still hurting her, but she is managing.  I am so excited/nervous/scaredoutofmymind about this baby!  I am still not sure if it has all hit me yet.  15 more weeks… that is pretty much the most time we have left… its so crazy.

Anyways, I am freaking myself out, I am gonna go to bed and feel the baby move around for a bit to calm me down.

As always…

thanks for looking,
daniel. kate. babyjedi.

p.s. to all you parents out there… do you get what I am saying?