week. 11.

Hello interwebs.  the number “11” and word “weeks” just got down with their bad self, and decided to be way more awesome.

Just thought i would let you know.

Also it is time for me to unveil this new photo series i am working on.   It is titled 40 weeks.

oh and in case you didn’t notice, kate is PREGNANT!

Today she had her first pre-natal appointment and got to hear lil’ sprague’s heart beat.  Kate shed a tear and “that doesn’t count as crying” she says.  i got a huge dorky grin on my face.

He/She is strong and healthy!

Kate barely even feels pregnant.  She keeps saying, “if my boobs didn’t hurt so bad and i wasn’t so tired i would never know!”  So that is also awesome :)

I’m gonna be a dad!  Which is insane.  And my kid is probably going to buy me a #1 Dad Coffee Mug making factory for fathers day, because im gonna be so boss at fartherdome.

But seriously, I couldn’t feel more excited/scared/anxious/awesome/manly.  Life has literally just changed for ever.

Anyways we will be updating about the pregnancy often and enthusiastically, so make sure you keep your glasses on you at all times.


as always,

thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. and lil’ sprague.