My Benjamina + Family

Our friends (one of them being pregnant, I won’t tell you which;) came to visit… I spent most of my time following them like a creeper with a camera in my hand.


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The 5pr46u3s | 0.6666666666666667 years

This Morning, like every morning, I was hanging out with her.  This time I decided to take some pictures.


Seriously, it is scary how much I am in love with this human being.  This Sith Lord (if you missed it I have decided this is no babyjedi, we certainly have a babysith on our hands).  But anyways, almost every day at some point I see her, I really see her and it hits me… “damn… she is my child… she is part of me.”  It is sobering, incredible, wonderful.

Let me spell out one of these very moments for you.  Picture me, no really, close your eyes and picture me… ok that isn’t going to work, open your eyes or you wont be able to read this!  Picture me, a short hairy boy man child, standing in Addison’s room.  It is night.  Turn off the lights.  I am standing there in the middle of this dark room, like many times before, holding my daughter.  I sway back and forth subtly, sometimes humming… sometimes silent.  The end goal is a sleeping baby.  My arms start to ache.  She is resisting the inevitable.  A slight pang of annoyance begins to seep into the back of my mind.  “go to sleep baby… i need to get back to *insert meaningless thing here*.”

And that is when it hits me like an asteroid the size of Texas.  What the hell am I thinking!?  I then hold her a little tighter and pray that this moment lasts way longer.  Even though she is starting to act out some small forms of independence, she is still so dependent on Kate and I.  It is the best feeling in the world.  And what scares the crap out of me is that it is not a forever thing.  And in fact, every moment it is minutely less than the last.  So I hold on tight.  I enjoy my aching arms.  I beg the cosmos for more time.

If only I could control space and time I would stay in these moments for an eternity.  Suns would die, collapsing in on themselves while I swayed back and forth in an infinitely blissful state.

She is 8 months old now and I find myself wishing for a time machine so that I could travel back and live it all over again.  Steal back some of the time that I spent ignoring her… time that I took for granted.

And now for more pictures.


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The 5pr46u3s | Our Friends.

A long time ago in a galaxy close to this one, I delivered pizza and Kosta was my boss.  Now Alessandra is Kosta’s boss.  And they are some of my closest friends on this planet.  Oh and this was Addison’s first out of womb wedding experience!


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The 5pr46u3s | A Walk and #VSCOCAM

Today we went for a walk.  We have been trying to go for more walks in the afternoon rather than me just working until bed.  It is nice.

I think I am going to like this VSCO CAM thing.  It is much easier to blog about the family using  just the iPhone!

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The 5pr46u3s | Mother’s Day and #VSCOCAM

Mom took most of these…  yeah I know, I must be one awesome guy to have her working on her 1st Mother’s Day!

Needless to say, it went well :) Thank you to all that helped make this possible.  Including a huge shout out to VSCO CAM, our new favorite iPhone Camera App!  If you use it, you will look and feel like the boss you are.   All of these photos were shot/edited using VSCO CAM on kate’s iPhone.

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The 5pr46u3s | Big New Things

So we have had some relatively huge developments over the past month.  But before we get to that, HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!  May the 4th be with you… always.


She is just now getting her 4th tooth.  And let me tell you everything strange that you ever hear about teething is true.  It changes the way they act, look, crap… it is crazy.   CrazyAwesome that is.


Yup, she high fives now.   nbd.

She even high fives the window :)


It is finally coming in!!!!


– waves hi
– sits unassisted for quite a few minutes
– sits in high chairs at restaurants now
– doesn’t like: broccoli,  avocado, tomatoes, watermelon, lemons(sort of).
– likes: Gulden’s Brown Mustard, pickles, black olives, buffalo sauce, baby cereal w/ cinnamon, lemons(sort of).
– looking for things when they fall
– had her worst sick day yet.  100% Zombie Mode.  Fever went up to 102.8.
– purposefully turned a switch so that her chair would make noise.  I feel like this was really advanced.  Maybe I will try to get a video of it up later.
– rolls onto side to sleep, and even napped on stomach for the first and only time so far… which means…
– ROLLS FROM BACK TO BELLY!!!!!  She did it for the first time right in front of us while kate and I were working out.  Kate excitedly yell/whispered (you know that thing you do as a parent to get the other parents attention but also trying not to distract the baby from what they are doing yell?)  for me to look.  I turned my head as she rolled over so that she could reach a toy better.  Now she does it constantly.  She rolls around the whole room.  She likes to roll in one direction until she gets to a wall and then she just chills with the wall for a while.  It is awesome.  This was a big one, and I have never felt more proud than I did in that moment.  Right after it happened, my mind shot forward 16 years to the moment in time when she passes her drivers test…. will that feel like this did?  Will I still want to clap and shout an excited high pitched ridiculous sounding “YAAAAAAAAAAAY!” ?   I guess we will just have to see.

Oh and yeah, her eyes are still adorablicious!

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The 5pr46u3s | 0.5833333333333333 years

Today I am gonna let the pictures do the talking.  Also I have been keeping up with my face photo every day project… in case you were curious.  Here are some awesome ones.

Ok, ok, the pictures and a few captions!

Oh and this was post 100 since the new website.  nbd.


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