December 2011


Beardly Amounts of Awesome | New Hampshire Wedding Photograhers

When Kate says she wishes she could have been at this wedding, someone must have done something right.  Good job people.  We all deserved this win.


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daniel. john.

December 2011


The 5pr46u3s | 2 Months!

Addison’s face in yo face!!  Behold!  The AnnihilFACEion!  The ExBROWsion!  The ApocaLIPse!  The TribuLASHion!  The Nor’EYEster (new england joke)!  The NOSEtradamus!

That last face kills me!

So I have been thinking a lot lately about how one raises another human being.  At this stage in the game, Kate and I have to make all of the decisions for her in all aspects of her life.  It is an ominous job, this rearing of a child that is completely and utterly helpless, but someone has to do it.

Some daily questions that run through my mind:

Am I doing this right?
What are the most important things I want to teach her from a young age?
Did you just poop in your diaper?
Is the person that she grows up to be just a product of Nature?  Or Nurture?  Or half of each?
Did you just poop… again!?
When will she start dating?
What will she look like?
What will she look like?
What will she look like… I think this few times in a row as I imagine her at different ages.
When and what will I teach her about alcohol and drugs?
Will she love me and think I am the best dad ever?
Religion?  Christianity?  Buddhism?  The Force?
Will she be America’s next top model?
Should she have siblings or should we just focus all of our efforts on raising one well adjusted person?
Will I always be there for her when she needs me?
Teddy Bruschi thinks I should get life insurance… should I listen to him?
More poop? Really!?  wait, no that was just a fart.
Wow you are gorgeous addison. <– that wasn’t a question
How long can I keep this daily photo thing going?
Will she be a photographer? Do I even want her to be a photographer?  I guess if she wants to be one… that is a new one…
Can I slow down time?  Can I just pause it here for a little while?
I know I will make wrong choices… but when it really counts will I make the right ones?

I have no answers to any of these questions.  Except one… yes, if you can smell it, she definitely dealt it.  Poop or otherwise.

Anyways, Check this out.  How insane is the difference in these two pictures!?  I mean look at those amazing lashes!

Ok people, weddings to work on!  Only three more left to edit and I am all caught up!!!  Be excited!  I am!  Once I am done with these awesome weddings then I can get to work on the time-lapse-pregnancy-craziness-super-top-secret-project!

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the 5PR46U3s


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November 2011


A Wedding and the Birth of My Daughter. NBD. | Massachusetts Wedding Photographers

If you want the juicy details go here and there.





I could not have asked for a more down to earth awesome couple to share this epic day with!  Shawn and Francesca… you da coolest!


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daniel. john.

November 2011


The 5pr46u3s | Thanksgiv…CHRISTMAS!!!!

This here household may or may not be obsessed with Christmas.  We are not those people that go crazy over decorating their yard… but then again we don’t have a yard.  Anyways, pictures first, then story time!


The very first picture is Addison’s thanksgiving day outfit.  I know, she looked adorable.  That was the only picture we took on thanksgiving day since we were all busy stuffing our faces… see what I did there?  The next day we got down to some picture taking goodness, and started our first family tradition:  Killing Trees }:)

I want to give a shout out to McCromes Christmas Tree Farm on Rt. 155 in Dover.  I highly recommend them if you want to cut down your own local tree in Dover.  Tell them I sent you, it wont get you anything, I just felt like saying it.

Kate and I are so glad that Christmas time is back once again.  We seriously get all giddy and childish during this time of year.  It is a little scary.

Thanksgiving went amazing!  We had a lot of great food and got to spend a lot of time with our family and friends.  I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving as well!  An interesting topic of conversation recently has been on starting our own family traditions and when we should start them.  I definitely want to have our own Thanksgiving-Christmas-Holiday traditions, but I feel weird forcing them while our child still has no concept of… well… anything.  Part of me wants to do our own little family thing but I also still cling to my childhood traditions which are hard to let go of.  Cutting down our first Christmas tree as a family was a great place to start though.  It was something that Kate and I had already started doing over the last 8 years of being together.  I would love to be able to tell you that Addison loved it and smiled the whole time… but she was busy catching some Zs.  Seriously though, who cares when she looks that adorable!

So we shall see when it will be time for us to start our own Christmas Eve/Day traditions.  But for now we will stick with the standard operation procedure.  Any slightly more experienced Moms and Dads out there that have any advice on this?  When did you break off from going to your parents house for Christmas day and start your own family Christmas tradition?

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daniel. kate. addison.

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November 2011

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Fuller Gardens | NH Wedding Photographers

Quietly awesome, is how one must describe Fuller Gardens. It is one of the most stunning places in NH to get married. Go here for more information:  http://www.fullergardens.org/

Secret Garden Photobooth next.

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