March 2012

The 5pr46u3s | 5 Months…

… Über late!   Ok, pictures first.


This might be the last of these collages.   This project is getting an upgrade!  Get excited!

Addison has been shooting under par these days, and by that I mean she has been even more awesome than ever before!  She is rolling over like a pro now thanks to her cousin Owen, smiling with her tongue sticking out,  sticking her tongue out even when she isn’t smiling, refusing to laugh by holding her breath to stop herself, and in almost all other ways being dominantly cute and amazing.  Another recent discovery of hers is her finger nails.  She scratches them on everything.  Any new texture she finds she tests out her nails on them to see how it feels.  It is the adorablest thing in history!  Yes, ADORABLEST!

As far as the legit list of firsts goes…

February Firsts:

– picked up pacifier from her lap and successfully put into mouth.
– slept over with Grammie and Gump!
– showered.
– ate from The Source in public.
– flew.  (…to california… oh and she did amazing!  nbd.)
– discovered nails.  scratches on everything.
Yes you heard right.  We flew to California with a 5 month old.  It went very well.   She slept all the way out there.  Since our flight attendant was born awesome, she gave us an extra seat for Addison.   So that helped a lot!

Addison.  Loved.  California.

We had an amazing time hanging out with our best friend Blair and her family.  It was the perfectly short/awesome vacation!  But like everything good in life, our trip came to came to an end.  We boarded a Red Eye bound for home and crossed our fingers.  This time we had no extra seat, so I came up with the brilliant plan to have her sleep on the tray table.  It worked AMAZINGLY!   I just forgot to consider one small thing, if our baby is sleeping soundly on the tray table,  guess who gets to stay awake for 5 hours and make sure she stays on the tray table…  ME :)  So, other than the fact that my sleep consisted of slipping between half dream and half awake brain functionality, it actually went fantastic!  Not to mention that for the flight back we were on Jet Blue.  Which if no one has told you (no one told me) is by far the BEST airline in the business!   Reasons they were awesome:  Most Leg Room Ever; No stupid obnoxious beverage carts, the flight attendants waited on everyone individually; free snacks… I never see that anymore!; coffee, orange juice, hot towel, and water in the morning; yes a Hot Towel!; no I was not in first class.  they rule the school.

So that about covers month 5.  Stay tuned for month 6!

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thanks for looking,

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  • Roxanne

    March 21, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Umm…..owey is doing that scratchy thing too now, its so funny!!!!

  • Janelle

    March 22, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Now that she has discovered nails, do you have her building shit? Hannah loves to look at the pics of her thinner baby.  And auto-correct said thinner. Instead of twinner, because that’s not a word. I love your pics. 

  • G Lopez

    March 25, 2012 at 1:29 am

    Awwwww, little Miss Addison is too adorable! I LOVE the black and white picture! She looks so modelesque! And the close up of the eyes… so piercing! God Bless your little daughter! Hope her scratching phase isn’t going too bad. I remember when our son was at that stage… every week he had a new scratch on himself somewhere, no matter how much we cut his nails. We had to put mitts back on him. Cherish her, they grow up so fast! Our little boy is 2 now and we’re still lost for words on the time. Nice pics and nice blog! I think it’s a great idea to blog about your children… gives us as parents the ability to reflect, and gives them as growing children the chance to see themselves when they were young. We started blogging as well this year.. a shame more parents don’t take the time to do so. God Bless! And get those modeling agencies ready for her! Too precious!

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