October 2011

The 5pr46u3s | Week 04

Like Mother Like Daughter.

While working away on all these wedding photos that backed up during the pregnancy, I decided to take a small break to go check on my two favorite girls.  This is what I walked in on.  My heart melts.  We are getting started on Addison Marie’s (aka babyjedi) 4th week of life, and I could not be happier!  Like everyone will or has told you, it is no easy task.  But I must say, we cannot complain.  I mean look at this beautiful girl, she is seriously gorgeous, and we all know it.

God help me when she gets older.

But we, just like anyone else have been having our glitches.  The whole breastfeeding thing for one, has been a challenging experience to say the least.  It is curious to me, for something that is so natural and well, just the way it is supposed to work, why is it so hard?  I mean all the animals on the discovery channel make it look so easy.  Do baby elephants have a hard time latching?  Do Ape mothers need to try 50 different positions with their young before they find the perfect breast to mouth combo?  It just doesn’t make sense to me that breastfeeding is hard at all.  I mean, since man has existed it has been, for the most part, the sole means of nutrition for infants.  Has it always been this hard?  I wonder.

Anyways, it has gotten better.  Kate is hanging in there like a champ, although she admits almost daily “I see why so many people don’t do this.”  We have found the side laying position to be the best for Addison.  I think the problem has been what the internet calls and Overactive Letdown, which basically means that milk comes out fast yo! We are starting to employ a few tips and tricks that we also gleaned from the interwebs, and they seem to be helping quite a bit.  Addison is still gaining weight like a champ, so we are probably more worried that we should be… which is also normal I am guessing.  But hey, whatever keeps you sane right?

Just to warn you, this next part may or may not make you jealous.  She sleeps.  She $@&*ing sleeps like its her job.  Last night she slept for 5.5 hours straight.  Everyone keeps telling us that this will change and I am sure it might.  But she seems to be responding to the criticism by just sleeping more.  She has definitely had her moments of unhappiness, but they have been few and far between.  The last one was yesterday when we went shopping.  We were out for a good 2 hours grocery shopping for the first time since she was born and we got almost all of it done before she started to wake up.  She fussed a little in the store but we still were able to finish and get out of public earshot before she really blew up.  Both times (yes she has only lost her cool twice) we have been in the car 4minutes from home, when she lets us know that her lungs work.  And man do the work well.

The sound is terrifying.  The girl can scream.  Did you ever see the movie Scream?  Yeah, those girls in that movie got nothing on Addison.  And it’s like the sound vibrations know exactly which part of my brain to attack directly.  Putting Kate and I into a slight panic.  Thank God we were only minutes from home.  As soon as she is out of her car seat and in my arms magic happens.  Instantaneous change.  And once kate’s breasts get involved forget about it.  Milk Coma is an understatement.

Ok well I need to get back to work, but basically what I mean to say is that we are all good here on the 5pr46u3 homefront.  Thank you so much to everyone that has been helping us!  Kates Mom and sister,  my parents and family, and all of our awesome friends that have been visiting and making food for us, we would be lost without you all.  And we love you!!!


I will be updating this blog often so check back if you are curious to see how we are doing.

And there will be more pictures next time, I promise.


the 5pr46u3s.

daniel. kate. addison.


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  • sis

    October 25, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Love you three

  • stacy swain

    October 25, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    So glad you guys are doing well! Encourage Kate to get out to the New Mother’s Group at WDH. The lactation consultants will be a big help to her. I know they were for me. I had a similar problem and they gave me great advice that worked wonders. This picture is beautiful by the way!

  • 4little1s

    October 29, 2011 at 2:50 am

    Love the photos, you are all so photogenic…..

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