week. 24.

24 on 24.  too bad the 24 Jack Bauer themed photo shoot didn’t work out.

As you might be able to tell we didn’t spend much time on this weeks photo shoot.  We got a little lazy.  Oh and we have been busy planning our camping trip!!!!

But, you just wait for next week!

Yesterday Kate and I celebrated 8 years of being together!  4 years of dating and 4 years of marriage!  We got married on our four year anniversary of dating (just looking out for you D.arel).  And we had such an exciting day that we decided we would sleep for 6 hours!

I love kate so much, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have ended up with a women that is so perfect for me!  I am so glad you put up with me Katherine!   I have no idea what I would do without you.

Kate has felt good all week.  She still battles feeling tired a lot.  But she doesn’t take naps anymore… except for whatever it was that happened to us yesterday.

Anyways, I have another blog to get up before we leave for the weekend.


thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. babyjedi.

p.s. i love you babyjedi!

week. 23.

Fun Fact:  23 is Kate’s favorite number.

So I slacked off a little bit last week on the exposition… my bad.  We were all caught up in the Stanley Cup Finals around here!  Oh, and we WON!  #BRUINS!

The big thing this week is Charlie Horses.  She has woken up/scared the crap out of me twice in the middle of the night with an intense charlie horse.  They have gone away rather quickly but we would rather they stop.

Kate’s back pain has been more consistent in the last couple of weeks.  I am guessing this has to do with the fact that she is on her feet close to 40 hours a week just for her job much less running around with me as my wonderful/beautiful/amazing assistant.  And on top of all that she is growing a strong bouncing babyjedi in her belly!  Today at her prenatal appointment the midwife told her to try to do some specific stretches so we will see if that helps.

The midwife also said that everything was absolutely perfect.  Every stat/pee-test/measurement/bloodpressure was exactly where it was supposed to be.

So for the most part we are still sailing through this thing pretty happily!

BabyJedi has been doing awesome, and is moving almost constantly.  He or She is a very strong baby!

Malani has been taking cat naps like normal, and running around like a crazy person at night.  She also can’t wait to meet babyjedi.  She is also the best and most adorable cat ever.  Sorry to everyone else’ cats.

People at Kate’s work have been noticing that she is prego.  I have a feeling Kate’s stomach is about to explode into earth swallowing proportions soon, it is going to have to in order to contain the amount of awesome that is BabyJedi.

We both love you so much lil’ sprague!  And we cannot wait for you to be in our arms!

Anyways, I think that is everything.

TEASER ALERT!!:  Faye, Sterling, Kyra, Max, Jane, Maximilian, Eli, Dorian, Desmond, Cash, Ashton  among many others.

Thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. babyjedi.

week. 22.

just barely fit this in before game time!  #Bruins4cup!!!

So here is the quick version:

Kate didn’t take any naps.

BabyBruin is moving a ton.

Kate got a massage.

We went to the beach.  (babybruin’s first visit to the beach!)

Everything is awesome!

We are loving life!

Go Bruins!


thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. babybruin.


p.s.  How many of you readers are watching the Stanley Cup Finals!?


week. 21.

Welcome to my parents backyard.  A field of dreams.

My family and I moved many times during my childhood, but if you asked me where home is, it is this property.  Pick a childhood pastime and it has been done in this field or the woods beyond it.  Soccer.  Football.  Baseball.  Paintball.  Forts.  Snowboarding.  Manhunt (hide and seek for kids who are clearly way to old and cool to play it).  Christmas tree hunting.  Tree climbing.  Sappy hands.  Broken bones.  Even a failed attempt at spin-the-bottle.  Our motley crew shaped this land with our hands, minds, and hacksaws.  It was whatever we needed it to be.  Best of all, we were always a short walk away from all the water we could drink and a fridge that was always ready to be raided by our grubby hands.

In more recent history, all of us kids have grown up and moved away.  The House is much too empty these days.  The Field is left to bristle in the wind with the echos of my past fading as each new year comes and goes.

But, as I sit here to write this, I realize that it was not the land that made it my home.  It was not the field or all the time we spent in the woods that made it my home.  It was Mom and Dad.

They have always supported us crazy kids and our dreams.  They treated our friends like family.  Mom stocked that fridge to keep up with our constantly crowed house and our hungry teenage stomachs.  She made everyone that came into that house feel at home.  Dad played football with us.  And he would brim with pride at the site of our hideous forts.

I guess what I want to say is thank you Mom and Dad.  This is all I could ever want for my child.  You guys are awesome.  And you are gonna kick some serious “butt” as grandparents, wherever you live!

Do you hear that babyjedi?  You are one lucky kid.  This family you are being born into is one of the #bestofalltime.

Speaking of the baby, they have been kicking/punching/flipping up a storm.  You can see it now too… its so cool.  I am starting to wonder if BabyAlien would have been a more fitting nickname… just playin babyjedi… love you!

Anyways, that is all for now.

thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. babyjedi/alien

:EDIT:  I have once again proven that I am an idiot.  Kate and I also got married in this field!!!!  Thanks for throwing me under the bus Uncle Doug  :P

week. 20!

50% done.  50% left.  100% STOKED!

Big week this week!  Few more pictures than normal too.

So lets see… oh yeah, I FELT BABYJEDI FOR THE FIRST TIME!  so proud of the little one… you are very strong.   Kate has been feeling babyjedi move a lot recently, which is exciting.

We got to see you this week babyjedi!  You are so adorable.  You were moving your hands a lot and the doctor said everything is perfect and they way it is supposed to be.  I had a dream about your birth, it was so easy, I didn’t know in this dream whether you were a boy or a girl, but it didn’t matter, I was so in love with you!  I can’t wait to meet you in person, hurry up already!

So yeah, this week has been awesome.  <if you are not a star wars nerd disregard this sentence.> There might be more star wars related pictures at some point… but we need to build a better lightsaber… the crystal was crap in this one.

Lastly, about the throwing a bunch of papers in the air thing, not so easy… We must have tried 20 different times, and we only got one good picture from it, and a hilarious set of photos showing how badly we failed.  We will have to try this again… next time, #wegobigorgohome.

thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. babyjedi.

p.s. i have started using italics for when I am talking to the baby…. ASKL:GFJKLADSGF so full of love and happiness!

week. 19.

<– haha its the 19th… random.  Oh and btw, this is getting serious.

So this week the effects of pregnancy have started to set in.  Her back is hurting, she tinkles every five seconds, and she feels the baby MOVING!  I am a little jealous, but she can keep BabyJedi where it is.

To BabyJedi: I spend a lot of my time wondering what you are going to look like kiddo.  We heard your heartbeat yesterday, and it sounded awesome!  The midwife said you were perfect, but lets be serious, you are my child after all!  It is hard to imagine that someday you will be all grown up and I will be old, and feel like everything went by so fast.  You are already growing so fast.  Take it easy.  Anyways, gotta get back to the readers now.

Hello readers, I’m back.

So, how does one prepare for the greatest challenge of their life?  What makes a good parent?  What makes a bratty kid?  Spanking or no spanking?  McDonalds?  Wendys?  Organic?  Sports?  School districts?  Will they think I am awesome?  There are Grand Canyons filled to the brim with questions like this flowing in a Nile sized river through my mind.  Constantly.  And there are no answers.  For some reason they don’t bother me though.  The questions fly by in a continuous stream, effortlessly.  And I find myself jumping from one to the next as quickly as they get thrown at me.  Never worrying about the never ending deep beneath all of these questions, that is waiting for me to trip.  But enough about me.

Kate looks amazing!  She is very tired, and often lays down for 3 hour naps, which I am not sure you can even classify as a nap :)

We get to SEE BabyJedi again on tuesday!  That is going to be awesome.  We are still not finding out the gender.  I get really excited when I think about the first time I know BabyJedi is a Boy/Girl.  I am going to have girl-boy Hats/Whistles/Cigars/lightsabers everything!

Anyways, Next week is the big 20!  Half way!  we are gonna have to do something epic.  This week the weather kept us inside again, hopefully we get some warm weather for next week.

Thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. BabyJedi.

week. 18.

Daft Punk called, they want to take #BabyJedi on tour with them.

#BabyJedi had a big week this week.  On Mothers day they went to their first ever baseball game to see the SeaDogs.  It was good to see a bunch of the family, we love you guys!  And they went to their second show ever to see Manchester Orchestra/Cage the Elephant/O’Brother.  The show was phenomenal.

I have started to talk to #BabyJedi.  Can you hear me bro?  You are getting quite big in there.  We found out that your cousin is a boy!  His name will be Owen and he might be born the same day as you!!!  Anyways, I am going to talk to the nice readers now, love you and we will see you in a couple weeks at the ultrasound.

We went to a genetic counseling appointment this week, and it went really well.  We don’t really have anything to be worried about, but there are some heart things in the family so better safe than sorry.  Level II ultrasound in a couple weeks should confirm that we definitely don’t need to worry.  I’m really not worried anyways because #BabyJedi could just use the Force to heal themselves.  We can’t wait to see #BabyJedi.

We decided a while ago that we are not going to find out the sex of #BabyJedi.  I think that it will make the #BigDay more exciting and awesome.  We are also not going to do the 3D ultrasound, because unborn babies are unborn for a reason.

The new website is super exciting!  What do you guys think?

That is all for now.

Thanks for looking.

Daniel. Kate. #BabyJedi.

week. 17.

“I got a massage this week, that was nice.”  -kate.

kate is currently napping on the other side of my office wall in our bed room.  milani is also napping with her.  they always nap together :)

kate’s feet hurt, but other than that she is feeling great!

thanks for looking.

daniel. kate. babyjedi.