The 5pr46u3s | 0.5833333333333333 years

Today I am gonna let the pictures do the talking.  Also I have been keeping up with my face photo every day project… in case you were curious.  Here are some awesome ones.

Ok, ok, the pictures and a few captions!

Oh and this was post 100 since the new website.  nbd.


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April 2012


The 5pr46u3s | 0.5 years

A small taste of what the last 6 months have been like for us.  Prepare yourself…


So yeah, these first 6 months have been amazing.  Every now and then it all hits me square in the forehead: wow, this is actually my kid… we made her.  It kind of blows my mind.  You spend most of your life wondering what it is going to be like with a kid, and what that kid is going to be like.  And when it finally happened, for me, it feels so normal.  The funny thing is, now I look back and wonder what it was like when I didn’t have a kid…  it was only 6 months ago!  But bring it on!  I am ready for the next 6 months and more!

March Firsts:

– can roll over consistently and purposefully for the first time!  Still only from belly to back.
– celebrated your first St. Patrick’s Day!
– still obsessed with your feet and nails.
– you might recognize your name, or it is just in our heads.
– laughed at your cat milani and reached out to pet her.
– said and still say DADA!
– making all kinds of new, strange and awesome noises.

Also another side note for those of you who care and the rest who will read it anyways:

-2 month appointment:

-11 lb 10.5 oz
-39.3 cm head
-75th percentile in all categories

-4 month appointment:

-15lb 11oz.
-24.5 in
-41.2 cm head
-75th percentile in all categories

-6 month appointment:

-17lb 12.5 oz
-43.5cm head
-75th percentile in all categories

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March 2012


The 5pr46u3s | 5 Months…

… Über late!   Ok, pictures first.


This might be the last of these collages.   This project is getting an upgrade!  Get excited!

Addison has been shooting under par these days, and by that I mean she has been even more awesome than ever before!  She is rolling over like a pro now thanks to her cousin Owen, smiling with her tongue sticking out,  sticking her tongue out even when she isn’t smiling, refusing to laugh by holding her breath to stop herself, and in almost all other ways being dominantly cute and amazing.  Another recent discovery of hers is her finger nails.  She scratches them on everything.  Any new texture she finds she tests out her nails on them to see how it feels.  It is the adorablest thing in history!  Yes, ADORABLEST!

As far as the legit list of firsts goes…

February Firsts:

– picked up pacifier from her lap and successfully put into mouth.
– slept over with Grammie and Gump!
– showered.
– ate from The Source in public.
– flew.  (…to california… oh and she did amazing!  nbd.)
– discovered nails.  scratches on everything.
Yes you heard right.  We flew to California with a 5 month old.  It went very well.   She slept all the way out there.  Since our flight attendant was born awesome, she gave us an extra seat for Addison.   So that helped a lot!

Addison.  Loved.  California.

We had an amazing time hanging out with our best friend Blair and her family.  It was the perfectly short/awesome vacation!  But like everything good in life, our trip came to came to an end.  We boarded a Red Eye bound for home and crossed our fingers.  This time we had no extra seat, so I came up with the brilliant plan to have her sleep on the tray table.  It worked AMAZINGLY!   I just forgot to consider one small thing, if our baby is sleeping soundly on the tray table,  guess who gets to stay awake for 5 hours and make sure she stays on the tray table…  ME :)  So, other than the fact that my sleep consisted of slipping between half dream and half awake brain functionality, it actually went fantastic!  Not to mention that for the flight back we were on Jet Blue.  Which if no one has told you (no one told me) is by far the BEST airline in the business!   Reasons they were awesome:  Most Leg Room Ever; No stupid obnoxious beverage carts, the flight attendants waited on everyone individually; free snacks… I never see that anymore!; coffee, orange juice, hot towel, and water in the morning; yes a Hot Towel!; no I was not in first class.  they rule the school.

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February 2012


The 5pr46u3s | 4 Months

my little earthling.


January Firsts:


– plays with toys… kinda, mostly holds them and sucks on them
– discovered feet
– completely legit laugh, from feet being tickled!
– smiles at peek-a-boo
– making some serious progress on your stomach
– doesn’t like jelly or anything that we have tried and makes very funny faces with anything savory… serious hilarious.  Will attempt to get a picture later.
– puked on dad.  legit first time she has for real puked on me.  filled up my belly button… it was nasty.
– Man Farts!
– Wants to stand almost constantly.
– Getting much better with hands.  Pulled pacifier out and switched hands then attempted to put it back in your mouth and failed.
– Holds toys with fierce grip.  Holds bottle… kind of, not really.
– First time rolling over!  on the 31st, just snuck it in there.   Belly to Back.


Which one of these do you like better?  The fast one or the slow one?  Also these won’t work on phones I don’t think, not most of them anyways.  And give them a bit to load if you just opened the page.  I would really like feedback on these.   One is fast the other slow.  These are different pictures through out the 4 months.   The actual idea is a video with all of the pictures… maybe a years worth or 6 months if I get anxious.  Then again at 2 years and so on…  Anyways, thoughts?



VERSION I – fast






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January 2012


The 5pr46u3s | 10 things

Just because I know you were sitting there wondering what 10 baby things Kate and I could not live without.  *in no particular order*


ONE | Swaddle Blankets

If you have or soon will have a newborn check out the video by If you can look past the absolutely horrible production quality, and the slightly creepy look of Dr. Karp, there is a lot that Kate and I learned from this video.  As you probably guessed from the title, the film is about how to keep your baby happy and how to get an upset baby back to being happy.  So yeah, swaddling was a big thing in the first couple months of Babyjedi’s life.  Addison loved it!  I think it really helped with her sleep and definitely kept her warm.


TWO | Sound Machine

Every night when Addison lays down for her 12 hour slumber fest this baby gets turned on to OCEAN+THUNDER.  In the beginning we noticed that when we had it on she slept through the night better.  She definitely takes after her mom and dad since we can’t sleep without our trusty fan turned on high.  Also another quick trick, when we are in the car and she is having a rough time, sometimes turning on the radio to an AM static station helps.   I guess the white noise in the womb is quite loud, so they are used to loud white noises.  Either way, she loves this thing.


THREE | Video Monitor

At first I never thought I would get one of these.   I thought they were overpriced and unnecessary.   Then I was introduced to the constant and gripping fear that is first time parenthood.  For most people, sleep becomes a very precious thing when the baby arrives, we were lucky because Addison sleeps amazingly.   But one of the reasons why we still don’t lose sleep at night is because whenever we wake up from a dream about, say… gremlins invading our child’s bedroom, we can look at the video monitor and dissuade our fears.  Also you can check to see if she is breathing still (which you will do almost constantly in the beginning) from anywhere in the house.  This comes in handy since I am a stay at home dad that needs to get work done during nap time.  Plus its a neat party trick when you finally start having your friends back over, everyone can look at her and go on about how adorable she is whilst never entering her sleep chamber.

Side Note :: the monitor+sound machine combo puts the sound machine in both your room and your baby’s room!


FOUR | Pacifier_Thumb

You know those people that look down at you when they see your child sucking on a pacifier?  Kate and I are those people.  Until now.  Another possible reason for Addison’s stupendously superb slumber, is this Soothie.  The reason I say pacifier/thumb is because it really comes down to personal preference.  I am not sure if one is better than the other, but Kate really likes the option to clean off the Soothie with her Arm and Hammer pacifier wipes.   I also recently heard that the, it’s bad for their teeth theory is false, since they lose all their baby teeth anyways.  Now of coarse if your kid is still using a Soothing with her adult teeth, you might have done it wrong.  On the other hand, pacifiers can be almost too good.  I have caught myself just giving it to her at the smallest peep of sound by habit.  This is when I think you could be doing more damage than good.  Sometimes you just gotta let the kids makes some noise, in the beginning, talking and crying sound similar.


FIVE | Bouncer/ing

If your baby is anything like ours… or at least trying his/her hardest to be as awesome as ours, then they will love to bounce!   In any form.  Manually throwing baby through the air.  The good ole’ knee trick.  Or one of these fantastic bouncy devices.   Bouncing is key.  Bouncing brought about Addison’s earliest forms of laughter.  Also she can sleep in this thing or watch you do house work, or hang out with you while you make dinner.  In short, we love the crap out of this thing!  THANKS MATT AND LIZ!


SIX | Breast Feeding

As most of you know, our baby adventure has been near perfect, but if there was one thing that tried to ruin our winning streak, it was breastfeeding.  In the end Kate won, and boob juice rules.  Once again there is a vast overwhelming store of information on breastfeeding and all of its benefits, so I wont get into that.  A couple quick things though.  If you are going to do it or already are, stick with it.  It sucks for a while, but it does get easier and easier!  Also, if you are going to need to pump, make sure you invest in a good pump!   If you know someone that works at a hospital they might be able to get a really good quality pump for much cheaper than normal retail.  We use a Medela.  It rules.  And by ‘we’ I mean Kate.  Also, the nice thing about pumping is that you can store milk for up to a year in a deep freezer like ours.  So if you save the extra milk, you would be able to give your baby breast milk even after you stopped breastfeeding.  This is cool because it’s free.

SEVEN | Cloth Diapers aka Puke Dominators

This is a cloth diaper.  Take note on how it looks.  This one has a thicker section in the middle, the thicker the better.  These things have saved many a life in the 5pr46u3 household.  Many a life and Many more outfits.  What makes them so great is that they were specifically designed to absorb liquid.  In our case, Addison didn’t just puke.  She puked with a vengeance.  No joke, like 2-3 ozs of liquid spewing out of every hole on her face.  It was a scary sight.  I am sorry for those of you who witnessed this event, and to those of you who never saw it, be thankful.  Anyways, these Cloth Diapers were the only thing that could take what Addison was dishing out and beg for more.  Buy these, then buy some more.

Side Note :: I was changing Babyjedi’s ‘TreeKillerDiaper’ with one of these underneath her the other day and she decided to pee.  Strangely her pee soaked through this particular cloth diaper, so yeah, not sure what the deal is with that.  Addison Pee > Cloth Diaper


EIGHT | Car Seat

Of everything that we have ever owned in our lives, we have never received more compliments than the amount we receive about our Car Seat.  Almost every time we take the thing out someone mentions how much they love it.  “It’s so small!”  “Black!?  That is way cooler than our lame pink/yellow/orange/green/blue Car Seat” “Boy or Girl?”  Ok so that last one is the only draw back to our awesome black Car Seat/Stroller.  People often confuse Black for Boy… not sure why.  But if you are wondering where you can get an awesome Car Seat/Stroller head over to And seriously, use it!  Get out there!  Go to your favorite restaurant, your friends house, across country!  My theory is the more you go out with your  baby, the more comfortable they will be in new/unknown places.  When we go to Margaritas, one of our favorite local chain restaurants, we bring the Car Seat right inside to the Bar area and sit at a booth.  The loud ambient noise of a bar makes for a perfect white noise machine for the baby, and you don’t have to worry if she cries, because no one will hear or notice.   As long as you can get past the occasional “what the heck are you doing with a baby in the Bar section”  looks.


NINE | Travel Bassinet

Compact.  Simple.  Amazing.  Easy to clean.  This portable Bassinet by is a must.  If you worry about sleeping with your baby in your bed, this thing is just small enough to fit in bed or easy enough to put on the floor next to the bed.  You can take it with you whenever you leave the house, and if the baby needs a nap, presto! this 2lb mysterious folded up carrying case looking thing is now a bed!  Addison doesn’t fit in this anymore :(  it was a sad day when she out grew it, but she was moving on to bigger and better things!


TEN | “Bigger and Better Things”

As hard as it was to start having our little girl sleep in her own crib, it is SO nice to have my bed with my wife back to myself }:)  And hopefully getting her used to sleeping in her own room so young will help later down the road.  We shall see.  We got this beauty at… drum roll please…!  I know right?  They have a matching crib/dresser set and they are pretty stinking sweet.  Solid, although they come with poorly written/drawn directions, and you may be missing a part or two that you may or may not have to wait for the manufacturer to send you while you have the parts strewn across your nursery floor.  But hey, its wal-mart, you knew what you were getting into.


Eleven |  Have Another Dose of Adorablam!



Do any of you old school or brand new parents out there have a baby item that you couldn’t live without?  Also, you know you have pregnant friends, share this with them, it may save a headache or 7!


thanks for looking,
daniel. kate. addison.


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January 2012


The 5pr46u3s | Christmath!

Yes.  I suck at this.  Better late than never right?

Since it doesn’t count until its blogged… Addison’s first Christmas is officially in the books!  It was one for the ages too.  This year I learned a valuable lesson.  And I am going to use some math to break it down… you were warned.

First, the equation with its variables and terms defined:

XY = Z

X: the number of offspring you produce.
: equal to the product of (a times b times c) and represents the potential amount of money an individual offspring might spend on you for Christmas.
a: a constant of $10, a base Christmas budget.
: a value of 1-10 which represents how awesome you are.
: a value of 0, .1, .3, and 1 depending on the average age of your Offspring or AAO:
-If AAO is 0-5years c = 0;  If AAO is 6-1oyears c = .1;  If AAO is 11-17years c = .3;  If AAO is greater than or equal to 18years c = 1 .
: the theoretical value of your future Christmas presents (this is for the individual parent, double this total for 2 parent households).

AAO:  Average Age of Offspring

Second we make some a scenarios and do some math:

Scenario 1 – Average Awesome(6); 2 offspring
Scenario 2 – Not Awesome(1); 10 offspring
Scenario 3 – Super Awesome(10); 0 offspring
Scenario 4 – Super Awesome(10); 5 offspring

Written out it looks like this: If the AAO of the parents in scenario 1 is 20years which will yield the best Christmas presents, then Y = ( 10 x 6 x 1) = $60.  So if X = 2 and Y = 60 then their offspring will spend $120 dollars on them for Christmas, $240 if you combine both parents.

Scenario 1 ::  @AAO = 1years  Z = 0; @AAO = 8years  Z = $12; @AAO = 13years  Z = $36; @AAO = 20years  Z = $120
Scenario 2::  @AAO = 1years  Z = 0; @AAO = 8years  Z = $10; @AAO = 13years  Z = $30; @AAO = 20years  Z = $100
Scenario 3::  @AAO = 0years  Z = $0; @AAO = 0years  Z = $0; @AAO = 0years  Z = $0; @AAO = 0years  Z = $0
Scenario 4::  @AAO = 1years  Z = 0; @AAO = 8years  Z = $50; @AAO = 13years  Z = $150; @AAO = 20years  Z = $500!  <– scenario 4 you know who you are ;)

Also, because I couldn’t leave well enough alone, if you had 10 kids and were Über awesome, therefore being an Über awesome parent, and your children were in their 20s, and you have a spouse, your offspring would be spending $2000 dollars on you and your spouse combined!!!!

So what have we learned here….

DUH!  MAKE BABIES AND BE AWESOME!  oh and be patient, it may seem like it is taking forever, but eventually your children will be adults and that is when Christmas is going to be magical again.

::DISCLAIMER:: this may or may not be based on science and research.  Daniel Aaron Sprague LLC and its affiliats cannot be held liable for Offspring that do not manage their christmas funds well, and or do not get jobs.

Anyways, we are getting ready for another Patriots playoff game around here.  This is the year!  And I think I am going to post about my top 10 favorite baby items that I could not live without soon.  As always, tons of stuff in the works.  I promise I will be blogging more often, so keep an eye out.


thanks for looking,
daniel. kate. addison.


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January 2012


The 5pr46u3s | 3 Months

Things are on the horizon… great things.


Hello world!  How have you been?  I think I am finally getting over the holiday hangover.  First of all, yes Addison is getting HUGE!  She has grown so much since that fateful day of October 1st, so much that it blows my mind.  This month she has done a bunch of new first time ever in the universe done by Addison things.

November Firsts (not sure i ever told you guys these ones):

– took pacifier
– Boston, like 4 times <3
– Nubble Lighthouse
– sick with cold
– thanksgiving
– first LOTR Extended edition 5pr46u3 family tradition marathon
– christmas tree cutting, you knew that one.
– slept 8 hours straight as compared to the previous record of 7 }:)

December Firsts:

– laughed because of our laughter
– full night in her nursery
– broke her 8 hour record with a few 9 hour night time sleeps
– first trip the E.R.
– first diaper rash… lol… not that you needed to know
– broke 9 hour record with a 10 hours stretch
– first christmas
– first new years eve

January Firsts so far:

– plays with toys… kinda, mostly holds them and sucks on them
– discovered feet
– completely legit laugh, from feet being tickled!
– …more to come.


difference picture like WHOA:


Some final thoughts:

I am done weddings for the year!
Bookings are picking up!  good thing because Addison likes the $$$… just like her mommy!  jk kate ;P
I love my family the whole huge crazy extended insane group of us.
Christmas went awesome!  I’ll be posting about that next!
So many cute pictures I have to catch you all up on, so be excited for that.
Super secret projects are in motion.
Kate is doing amazing at work!

Kate and I have decided to do INSANITY by Beachbody again!!!!

Blog schedule: 2 epic engagement sessions, more addison in your face, supersecretstuff

So grab some popcorn, we have enter rapid fire zone!!!  ok that is enough technicolor… sorry…

Lastly, here are some honorable mention face pictures that didn’t make the cut this month, mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t line them up right…. :

haha that last one kills me!  “What possessed you to think it was a good idea to wake me up!?”
thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. addison.


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December Firsts: