week. 15.

it was cold outside.  so we played around with a flash and some gels.

we went to our second appointment today.

everything is good.

babyjedi is strong in the force.

that is all.

thanks for looking,

daniel.  kate.  babyjedi.

week. 14.

“i feel like me.”  – kates response when i asked her how she felt.

So we are now into the second trimester of this all-star pregnancy.  She is tired but not as tired.  She feels like a Kate.

i wouldn’t be able to tell if it weren’t for this… BELLY!

pregnancy blog¡warning! this is not your typical kate profile.pregnancy blog

So kate got me this manly baby book to read.  And, so far, its telling me i am an awesome husband.  Thanks for the ego boost kate ;P

i love this next picture for reasons i cannot explain nor understand.

pregnancy blog

Saturday is our first wedding of the season.  i am really excited!   This year is going to be game changing.

i would be lying if i said i wasn’t nervous for this wedding season pregnancy craziness, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

Plus one of my super über… süber… friends might be helping me later this year with weddings which is awesome.

pregnancy blog

her smile.pregnancy blog

artsy fartsy… the name of my new pregnant photo series idea.pregnancy blog

Oh!  Kate thinks she might have maybe possibly felt the baby move a couple times this week!  Or it was gas.  i lol’d.

thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. jedibaby <-experimental variation of babyjedi

week. 13.

This week has been amazing.

pregnancy wedding photography

my brain might be making this up… but is that a bump?pregnancy photography

3D madness!

3d gif photographer

So kate and babyjedi (baby’s new code name) aren’t so tired anymore.  She only took a few naps this week.

She can stick her stomach out to make it look like a bump, but i am pretty sure she could always do that.  I still don’t see any difference.

We got a couple new cutetrendymodern books, because we are cutetrendymodern.  If you want to see them come on over!

BabyJedi is apparently the size of a medium shrimp now, and i really really hate how every baby growth chart compares the kid to food.

BabyJedi is apparently the size of a medium shrimp C-cell battery now.

BabyJedi is also strong in the force… hopefully the darkside because we all know the darkside is cooler.

oh and my evil/genius cat likes to lay on plastic bags.

cat photography

thanks for lookin,

daniel. kate. babyjedi.


week. 12.

This week is brought to you by chocolate ice cream.

scratch that…

This week is brought to you by chocolate *insert desert type here*.

pregnancy photo blogpregnancy photo blog

Today, for the first time in weeks, Kate didn’t need to take a nap after work.  I was proud of her.  May have had to do with my personally delivered homemade breakfast sandwich.

Not much of a difference in the belly situation.  It might be bigger than normal, but if so its such a minute difference that you wonder if your eyes are just playing tricks on you.

We are still working on baby names and have not made any firm decisions.  Still have to buy that baby name book.  Maybe the library has one…

Kate when you read this remind me to walk to the library to check for baby name books.

Oh and she wanted me to tell you all that we shot inside today because it was so WINDY and cold!

Still, it was a normal week.  Business is booming!  And i still can’t tell she is pregnant, other than the boobs ;)

“if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it” -Mrs Knowles



thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. and lil’ sprague.

week. 11.

Hello interwebs.  the number “11” and word “weeks” just got down with their bad self, and decided to be way more awesome.

Just thought i would let you know.

Also it is time for me to unveil this new photo series i am working on.   It is titled 40 weeks.

oh and in case you didn’t notice, kate is PREGNANT!

Today she had her first pre-natal appointment and got to hear lil’ sprague’s heart beat.  Kate shed a tear and “that doesn’t count as crying” she says.  i got a huge dorky grin on my face.

He/She is strong and healthy!

Kate barely even feels pregnant.  She keeps saying, “if my boobs didn’t hurt so bad and i wasn’t so tired i would never know!”  So that is also awesome :)

I’m gonna be a dad!  Which is insane.  And my kid is probably going to buy me a #1 Dad Coffee Mug making factory for fathers day, because im gonna be so boss at fartherdome.

But seriously, I couldn’t feel more excited/scared/anxious/awesome/manly.  Life has literally just changed for ever.

Anyways we will be updating about the pregnancy often and enthusiastically, so make sure you keep your glasses on you at all times.


as always,

thanks for looking,

daniel. kate. and lil’ sprague.